cell phones

I miss those days when one could travel around without the possibility (or
danger) of beeing contacted at any hour, there´s no escape, we are for ever prisoners!

Un retrato nuevo

I am quite proud of this self-portrait I did this morning, mostly because usually I have trouble
trying to make things simple, and even here I had to restrain myself a lot from messing things up..

Inspiration, Inspiration, my country!

I know, its´s not completely my quotation, but almost..


Welcome to this island of pixels, internet sailor!Whatever electron winds and currents led you here!And despite it was coincidence, curiosity, boredom, inspiration hungeror lust…Since long I have been working on these Pixel paintings and animations, trying to make this swift visit of yours more suggestive. I thank you by being here, whatever reaction my work inflicts on you,A spark of surprise, the minimal smile, some tiny inspiration… or even disgust, as people can manage hate but not being overlooked.